Welcome to "UOKingdom" Ultima Online Freeshard

Here on "UOKingdom" you can feel free to pursue whatever experience you desire. Become a crafter, a chef perhaps a mighty warrior. Build your own custom house or choose a pre-made castle.


We offer 2 accounts per IP address and 3 houses per account. You start with a 7x GM skillball , 2500 gold and an Ethereal Horse. You can max your stats out at 555. Even with stats like that you will find our world challenging. You will need to equip yourself and become a master blacksmith or find someone who can help outfit you for survival in this world.


We spawn all facets. Only Felucca has PvP. We use the current Ultima Online client the current UO client


Some of our main enhancements are:

  • OWLTR with Custom Uber Resources Mithril, Elvenwood, and more

  • FS-ATS Gen 2

  • Vita-Core Nex

  • Levelable Weapons

  • CustomChamp Spawns--Winter, Fire, Undead, Elemental

  • Group Instanced Dungeons

  • In-Game store with the [store command

  • Magical Force Shields!

  • Custom Pets

  • Universal Key system or OWLTR item store system your choice! Universal Keys are customized to our shard!

  • Player Vendor sales by daily cost or as a percentage of sales!

  • Automatic Treasure Decoder for easy Treasure chest finding

  • Custom Wood chopping and Mining golems to reduce the grind

and much more.... See our Features page for a complete list